National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN)-CAN

The National Research Mentoring Network-CIC Academic Network (NRMN-CAN) is a collaborative Big Ten NIH grant offering professional development, grantsmanship coaching, and mentor skills training to postdocs in biological, clinical, environmental, and social/behavioral sciences. 

In the fall of 2016, Ellen Rubinstein, former cultural anthropologist and postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health participated. Here's what she says:

“I had an incredibly positive experience—probably the best I've had since I arrived at Rutgers.  I appreciated the chance to meet new people, both at Rutgers and at other institutions.  I love the grantwriting group I'm in, and I love even more that we're going to continue to meet.”

Ellen Rubinstein

Check out what other participants said (below) and see postdocs at work at the inaugural 2015 conference at the Big Ten Conference Center, the June 2016 Postdoctoral Mentor Training Workshop, and the November 2016 Professional Development/Grantwriting Conference.

What others said...

“I've participated in many career development sessions throughout my academic career.  What sets the NRMN-CAN conference apart was the specificity to my goals and needs as an early career scientist.  In addition, the conference offered much more than I expected from our social perceptions to getting really prepared for a career in the academy. It was an intimate and comprehensive overview of topics and concerns that we are all faced with as we progress in our field.”

--Lisamarie Moore

“This new network of postdocs at a similar career stage and mentors outside of my department will help me to stay motivated and on track. Having you support me will help me as I determine how much of a "rocket booster" is still needed to start me off on research independence.”

--Allison Patton

“It was a great opportunity to learn, to build new connections and to develop new skills. This conference provided some of the most essential tools for all of us to build a successful career.”

--Attila Farkas

“This program is really the first attempt I have seen to demystify the grant writing process and holds a lot of promise for increasing underrepresented groups in science. I hope to see the program continue to expand!”

--Faculty member Jennifer Buckman (served as a Senior Grantsmanship Coach)

“This conference not only gave me the opportunities to meet many postdocs and assistant professors from other universities but also those at Rutgers. I have learned many valuable tools to make my grant applications better.”

--Faculty member Suzie Chen (served as a Senior Grantsmanship Coach)