NIH Fellowships Review Criteria

Quick Tips

  • Fellowships scores are divided into thirds. One-third relates to the applicant research and scholar experience and achievements. Another third reflects the sponsor experience and achievements, training potential and plan, and environment. The last third represents the quality and potential of the research project proposed.
  • Responding to reviewer critiques and the inclusion of appropriate protocols that safeguard and justify the use of human and/or animal subjects in the proposed research may also factor into the final scores.
  • Including a detailed training in the responsible conduct of research (RCR) and the budget for the research proposed do not factor into the overall impact score, but they must be addressed.

Please consult the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) or your NIH Program Officer for more details well in advance of your submission. 

Are you a postdoc at RBHS NJMS/GSBS in Newark? If you have further questions, you may contact Doreen Badheka, director of special projects and career development counselor for postdocs.