Postdoc Peer Support Network

Postdoc Peer Support Network

We are excited to announce the creation of the Postdoc Peer Support Network, a virtual group for postdocs across the university to make connections and friends, share resources, and give one another support and advice on all things postdoc! This is an open forum where postdocs will be given themes to encourage discussion but will ultimately take the lead on conversations. The OPA team is simply there to moderate, offering prompts and questions to help keep the conversation going.

These 1-hour sessions will be held once monthly on Wednesdays from 3-4 pm via Zoom and capped at 25 participants per session. A registration link will be shared on our website and newsletter a few weeks before each session.

The first series of sessions will be centered around Mental Health and Wellness:

  • Wednesday, August 26, 3-4 pm: Gratitude and Finding Joy 
  • Wednesday, September 23, 3-4 pm: Work/Life Balance and Transitioning Back to Campus 
  • Wednesday, October 28, 3-4 pm: Stress Management | Hosted by Marianne Kunze from Rutgers Faculty and Staff Counseling

Postdocs are encouraged to come to sessions with questions or topics for discussion that are relevant to the theme. We hope that these sessions will help foster relationships and conversations beyond the monthly Zoom sessions.


Registration closes on Monday, October 26.

Led by Marianne Kunze from Rutgers Faculty and Staff Counseling, join us for an informational and open discussion on how stress is triggered and learn best-practices for coping.

Community Agreements

  1. This is a safe space. Postdocs will be respectful of each other’s identities and experiences. We will not record any sessions. Everything discussed during sessions will remain confidential unless our team is concerned about your well-being, in which case, we will reach out to you personally and confidentially. 

  2. This is your time. Unlike most workshops or panels, which include a host and a specific agenda, this is more of an open forum for postdocs to share and connect. Although sessions will surround a theme, and we may offer guiding prompts and questions, this is ultimately a flexible environment where conversations are encouraged to flow naturally, and it is completely okay to get off-track.

  3. We strongly encourage you to have your cameras on. It is much easier to make a connection when you can see the person you are speaking to. Additionally, we ask that you mute yourselves if you are not speaking. Postdocs are also encouraged to use the chat feature as another method of communication during sessions—we’ll be keeping an eye on it.