postdoctoral association

Postdoctoral Association

“Postdoctoral Associations (PDAs) are a vibrant and dynamic source of support for postdoctoral scholars at their home institutions and nationally.” -National Postdoctoral Association

The PDA mission is to build a stronger and more cohesive postdoctoral community across all departments and campuses at Rutgers University. Rutgers hosts two postdoctoral associations universitywide, with the most recent created at the Newark Campus. This is clearly a reflection of the dynamic and always growing postdoctoral community at Rutgers.

If you are looking to connect with fellow postdocs and engage in PDA committees and events, such as the Annual Postdoctoral Career Development and Research Symposium, and need more information on how you can get involved and benefit from their events, please contact:

  • Michelle Chadwick for information about the New Brunswick/Piscataway PDA chapter, at
  • Doreen Badheka, adviser to the newly created Newark PDA chapter

Events and Activities

Click here to join the PDA's Facebook group and to learn more and register for upcoming PDA events, activities, and monthly meetings.