postdoctoral association

Postdoctoral Association

“Postdoctoral Associations (PDAs) are a vibrant and dynamic source of support for postdoctoral scholars at their home institutions and nationally.” -National Postdoctoral Association

The PDA's mission is to build a stronger and more cohesive postdoctoral community across all departments and campuses at Rutgers University. The PDA is a reflection of the dynamic and ever-growing postdoctoral community at Rutgers.

At its core, the PDA aims to:

  • Foster a sense of community among Rutgers postdocs
  • Represent postdoc interests across all affiliations, campuses, and demographics at Rutgers
  • Make life at Rutgers easier for postdocs

PDA Board Members

  • Thomas Osborn Popp, Ph.D., President
  • Juliana Correa-Velloso, Ph.D., Co-Campus Activities Coordinator - Newark
  • Sai Zhang, Ph.D., Co-Campus Activities Coordinator - New Brunswick

Events and Activities

  • Click here to view the official PDA website to learn more.
  • Click here to join the PDA's Facebook group and register for upcoming PDA events, activities, and monthly meetings.