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PREP | A New Career Preparation Program for PhDs

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs is excited to announce a new career preparation program for you! The Proactive, Reflection, Empowered, Planning (PREP) program — based on the fundaments of YouMap®, a holistic self-discovery tool—is designed to increase self-awareness of your four pillars of career satisfaction, prepare you so that you can identify the best career fit for you, and equip you to showcase your professional value to peers, colleagues, and future employers. Through a series of self-assessment tests and using a strategic approach, this program will help you come up with an action plan for your future while empowering you to be the driver of your career.

Follow the link below to learn more about this program or contact us.

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Is the PREP Career Program for you?

The PREP career program provides the infrastructure, training, and facilitation to increase self-awareness of your four pillars of career satisfaction (Strengths, Values, Preferred Skills, Personality) and as a result, increases your understanding of what a career fit looks like for you.  

Postdocs in the STEM, Biomed, Humanities, and Social Sciences―who need clarity in defining a career fit or path and need guidance in formulating the next steps for a career plan―are encouraged to apply. We will select up to twelve applicants to participate in this pilot program.

  • Are you a postdoc who needs clarity in defining a career path and guidance to formulate the steps for a career plan?
  • Do you need guidance to identify your unique professional value? 
  • Would you benefit from discovering how to better manage and maximize your training and career?

If you are a Rutgers postdoctoral researcher and you answered 'yes' to the above questions and can commit to the program activities (see program commitment here) we encourage you to apply.