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RBHS Postdoctoral Fellows

In addition to professional career development services provided through our Universitywide office, RBHS postdoctoral fellows are eligible to resources and services through the RBHS Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (RBHS-OPA) in the Office of the Vice Dean of the School of Graduate  Studies.

For example, RBHS postdoctoral fellows receive several resources including business cards and a one-year subscription to the New York Academy of Sciences and are eligible for an Education Related Student Loan Deferment and the Postdoctoral Fellowship Supplementation Program.

Also, the RBHS-OPA offers a Certificate of Completion to postdoctoral trainees at legacy UMDNJ/RBHS. This Certificate is an acknowledgment of the contributions and hard work of postdoctoral fellows.

To learn more about RBHS Policy on Postdoctoral Fellows and other resources, visit the RBHS Information website or contact Kimberly Pemberton or Susan Lomanto.