Team Values

Team Values

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs: Team Values

Team Values

1. We foster respect, humility, and human dignity.

  • We all have unique contributions that we bring to the team. We allow one another to be heard. 
  • We are all worthy of being equal contributors. 
  • We want to be trusted to do our work well and we trust others to do their best work, too. 
  • We have a collective commitment to excellence and to advancing our work, mission, and team. 
  • We have a strong sense of responsibility to ourselves, each other, and the community we serve. 

2. We inspire trust, honesty, and authenticity. 

  • We foster an environment where there is psychological safety – feeling safe to share feelings, different opinions, and disagreeing without fear of retaliation or judgment. 
  • Come as you are. Perfection is overrated. In fact, no mistakes, no lessons learned.  
  • We give one another the chance to show that we are capable.

3. We value people, our relationships, and building community above all. 

  • We foster an inclusive environment where everyone has an opportunity to benefit and participate. We make everyone within and outside of our circle feel welcomed. We give everyone the chance to speak their minds and let their voices be heard.  
  • We believe in working collaboratively and creating partnerships that align with our mindset of creating meaningful work and a culture of growth that will advance our mission. We extend collaborations outside of the university.  
  • We make active efforts to have a diverse and inclusive circle of people of all identities. We are mindful of these identities and educate ourselves on any we might not be familiar with.  
  • We know our different experiences and backgrounds make us stronger, unique, and capable to succeed. 

4. We are committed to transformative growth for ourselves and others. 

  • We believe in making a positive difference in peoples’ lives. 
  • We believe in a growth mindset and practice. 
  • We work to advance a culture of personal and professional development. 
  • We model a practice of life-long learning and continuous improvement and development. 
  • We believe in mentoring, coaching, and career development as key tools to help people be the best versions of themselves. 
  • We believe in practicing what we preach which means committing to our own growth as we help others commit to theirs. 
  • We cultivate a culture of mentoring – where we help each other on our unique journeys to further educate and develop ourselves.  

5. We prioritize health and wellbeing for ourselves and our team members. 

  • We model healthy boundaries in the workplace. 
  • We respect each other’s personal space and encourage work/life harmony. 
  • We believe in time to reflect, learn, and increase our self-awareness (emotional IQ). 
  • We have impromptu support sessions, as needed, and create a safe space for sharing and getting guidance when needed. 
  • We believe there’s a time for everything--a time to work hard and a time to celebrate. A time to commit fully and a time to disconnect entirely. We protect our mental and emotional wellbeing and our personal time and support each other in doing the same. 
  • We communicate our needs and ask for/give accountability and encouragement when needed. 

6.     We value creativity and boldness. 

  • We embrace creativity and boldness in order to make a transformative impact at the university. 
  • We are committed to excellence and innovation, adopting a “thinking outside of the box” mindset and taking chances when it comes to proposing and piloting new programs and initiatives. 
  • We are not afraid to “fail forward” and learn from our mistakes.  We take risks to advance positive culture change even when we know it might not work out.  
  • We understand that the only way to challenge the status quo is to be willing to “disrupt” cultural norms.  
  • We don’t run away or back down when faced with challenging people or situations.  We persist in the face of difficulty, standing firm on our values.